The Safe America Foundation host numerous events through the year to promote safety. One of these events is called 'Chalk 1 up 4 Safety.'  

This April 26 (2017) from 9am-12pm, we will be hosting the contest on the grounds of the state capitol.  

The ‘Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety’ contest is a safety focused art contest for middle and high school students in the greater Atlanta area, developed by the Safe America Foundation and funded by Allstate Insurance.

‘Chalk 1 Up for Safety’ has student teams (6-8 people) compete with each other by creating a safety message through an original chalk art drawing. Students base their design and message on one of the following safety themes: ‘It Can Wait’ (Anti-texting and Driving), ‘Be More than a Bystander' (Bullying), ‘Look, Listen, Live’ (Railroad Safety) and ‘Be #Cyber Safe’ (Online Safety).

Safe America will provide the contest materials, which includes street chalk. A panel of judges will pick the winning design, based on creativity and a clear, compelling safety message.

This spring, we wanted to do something new and exciting with our contest. With great collaboration and partners, we are able to host this event at one of the most iconic city landmarks – the grounds of the State Capitol building! 

There’s more…
Public Safety Commissioner Tim Echols will meet students, and give a tour of the Capitol after the contest.

Through this event, students will combine art, safety/health and civics all in one event. Students will design an original piece of art, give voice to an important safety topic, and interact and explore the role of one of Georgia’s elected government officials.

Plus, the winning middle and high school teams will each receive a prize of $500, courtesy of Montlick & Associates.

Contact Angie Haddad at for more details or questions.  Pictured below are drawings from our last contest.  

Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety Art Contest

The Chalk 1 Up 4 Safety is an art contest for middle and high school students.  The program offers a creative outlet for students to show what they know about safety matters that effect them, such as cyber bullying, dangerous driving decisions and much more.  The winners of the contest receive cash prizes for their school's art department.