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Safe America is committed to help keeping everyone safe on the road. Safe America’s driver education program includes online training, in-car driving lessons, plus Defensive Driving (that helps you SAVE on car insurance!). Adult and Senior drivers can also benefit from simulator training. Learn more by calling our Training Center at (770)-973-SAFE.

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Making your smartphone a safety tool is ‘smart.’ So is downloading apps that can offer you help in everyday life. We’re promoting new technology, also – offering tips on what to use – and when not to!

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The First Spouses program – the genesis of our ‘Capital Leadership Network – involves First Families across the U.S. in encouraging emergency preparedness with their citizens. Led by Puerto Rico First Lady Beatriz Rossello’, the program is expanding, with TV spots on cyber security, human trafficking and other critical issues impacting safety.

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Bringing executives together – to protect America – is the mission of the CEO Network. Aside from offering leadership, it also offers private lectures and briefings – helping senior executives protect themselves as well as their employees and families.

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People and organizations don’t always consider themselves targets for cyber-attacks. However, they both have valuable information cyber criminals seek:  employee and customer data, bank account information, access to finances, and intellectual property. Safe America focuses on education and training to help you ‘be safe’ on the Internet.

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Helping people survive tough incidents – and protect their homes and other belongings – is the mission of BE Safe America. Founded by UPS, the program addresses all types of emergency situations, knowing that practicing drills – and storing emergency supplies – can be life-saving and encouraging.

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What if you had an active shooter come into your school, church or office? How would you handle it? The headlines today are scary. And it raises the question, ‘what can we do to protect our youth as well as co-workers and those in churches?’ Our solution is encouraging drills that train people on how to ‘duck, cover or fight’ any assailants.

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The purpose of the WorldSafe Initiative is to help provide global safety and security and involve top leaders in addressing future disasters. Our work includes building resources to help speed disaster recovery and work with our CEO Network to amass supplies that can be ‘on standby’ for use after a disaster.

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The Safe America Foundation is committed to supporting veterans. A big feature is our online VETV program which provides veterans seeking employment a variety of resources. We also offer a broad range of counseling services and assist in providing direct services such as ‘WE Care’ hygiene kits. Click on photo to learn about our ‘Home Front’ center plus ‘Welcome Home Heroes!’ events.that assist in other ways.

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HUMANS Care is our new initiative, aiming to rescue victims of human trafficking. We also provide education on how to spot trafficking victims while providing victims transportation to “safe havens” as a first step toward permanent rescue.

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How to ‘Play It Safe, America!’ is a major component. And, we enhance youth’s interest by showcasing advice on gaining college athletic scholarships. Our goal: making sure athletes protect themselves – with the right equipment and attitude!

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Providing current updates on key safety and health information is the mission of SNN – our ‘Safety News Network’ channel. This online network is focused on facts, not fiction. And, is directed at offering emerging information that is not as public yet.

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Brain Camp 2018

Teaching kids how to use their brains – while driving, on the computer and in ‘everyday life’ – is the objective of our ‘Brain Camp’ events. We also use events to make youth future safety leaders, helping protect their own generation.

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Fall Forum 2018

What issues will we face in 2019? And, how can we coalesce to address them? Those are factors for our Fall Forum at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. Join us and be a ‘leader’ – and learn what issues are emerging that need your engagement

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Be Safe America Tour

Protecting America from future disasters – and helping educate individuals, corporate executives and community leaders – is the mission of our ‘BE Safe America’ program. Each fall, we hold briefings in New York, Washington, DC and Atlanta – with regional events in other cities.

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